Posted over 1 year ago

Why Today Is The Best Time In 12 Years To Make Offers

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If your goal is to own real estate, now is an incredible time to start marketing for properties.

Send direct mail, start cold calling, and build relationships with potential sellers.

Too many people are only seeing the hurdles/problems right now.

But guess what. We are at the PEAK of the COVID19 cases here in New York.

That means, confirmed cases will start to decrease - people will start to get better.

People will soon be working and paying rent again.

And guess what, when things normalize, it would be WAY better if you already had a property under contract.

Don't wait until everyone else is comfortable with buying again. Now is the biggest opportunity buyers have had in over 12+ years.

Get properties under contract and mitigate your risk by asking for 60-90 due diligence periods.

In 90 days, a lot of the COVID19 challenges will be easier to overcome. But the perfect time to start making right now.