Posted about 1 year ago

Are Voting Rights the #1 Advantage to Wealth With Real Estate?

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The most popular syndicators in the RE industry are great marketers. They are powerhouses of content creation.

And they're preaching all the wrong things.

Passive investing has its place.

But for those looking to build true wealth for generations....we prefer to be active.

And that includes a very important aspect to creating wealth: voting rights.

When you are an active partner in an apartment building investment, YOU choose when to sell. You choose when to refinance or do a cost segregation.

A timed cost segregation could save you millions in tax savings alone.

There is also a huge weakness in being a passive investor. It's virtually impossible to do a 1031 exchange.

Without a 1031 exchange, you're left footing the bill for a huge capital gains tax. And your cashflow erodes away.

So be cautious when that well-known syndicator promises you a 2x return. What are the tax penalties after the sale?

The wealthiest people in the world own assets and choose their own destinies.

They have voting rights.

And let's be honest, being an active investor is a lot more fun.