Posted about 1 year ago

Why Your Network Should Outperform the Market

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Robert Kiyosaki once said, "The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work."

The biggest mistake I see investors make is getting lost in the numbers. They are running incomplete models and doing technical analysis that doesn't account for the most important factor in success - creative problem-solving.

Apartment building investing isn't like the stock market. We aren't competing with supercomputers. We can always improve, add value, and hit our numbers even when the economy is in a recession.

Spreadsheets don't think of creative ways to lease up units during COVID-19. Underwriting models don't execute business plans and know which vendor to call when there's a problem.

Your network determines your success.

People drive markets. People decide where they want to live and how much they are willing to pay for rent.

People decide whether a business plan will succeed or fail.

And when you surround yourself with people who don't give up, you should always beat the market.

The right apartment building operator will have the insight to pivot and adapt their plan in order to achieve the projected returns for investors.

Even when a black swan event throws everyone else off track, the smart operator will win anyway.

Real estate is a relationship business. At Stellar Investment Group, we take the longterm view and are interested in building wealth for future generations of your family.

And regardless of your net worth or level of expertise, an investor is only as good as the people they surround themselves with.