Posted 11 months ago

The Crappy Job, Part 2, what we found

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We found a mess that you would not believe with this mobile home today, the previous owner had a company come in and remodel his master bath, boy was hiring them a mistake  but from what I remember they fixed or pretended to fix his home by replacing his shower and toilet, they did pretend because they definitely did not fix any of his problems, I'm just thankful that we found this mess before selling the home.
The contractors changed his toilet and shower drain lines under his home I'm guessing because the pipes were stopped up, the contractor left the old drain lines open so the sewer would run out on the ground and it would not back up then they insulated with plastic and blow in insulation to hide all their mess and covered it all up, the only reason we found it was because we kept smelling sewer gas in the master bath so then we started looking for issues.Oh lord did we find issues.

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