Posted 8 months ago

The Most Important Contact You Need To Make In This Business

Park owners are the most important contact you will need to make in this business and you only need a couple of them to allow you to work in their parks for the rest of your life.There is only one catch to this, didn't you know there was a catch and that catch is that you absolutely must do too or with the home what the park owner requires such as painting the outside the home, repairing or replacing the decks and then paint them and repair or replace the underpinning
It does not matter how much money it costs and even if it causes you to maybe lose money on a deal do it anyway cause the relationship with the owner/manager is very important to your long term success in this business.Its very hard for somebody else to tell you what to do with a home but if you want to buy more homes in their park you must do as they say.
Once you complete your first deal and get it sold the owner/manager will call you anytime homes in their park go up for sale.
I am telling you this because we have good relationships with 3-4 park owners and they call us overtime they need our help with vacant homes and also allow us to buy from their residents in their park because they know we will fix the home the way they want and that keeps us buying homes to sell and buying homes to fix.

Happy investing 
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