Posted 3 months ago

picking your tenants that you will be selling too

Background and credit checks are a must, I don't care how much money they flash in front of you or how many sad stories you here your home is better off sitting empty with you paying the lot rent that getting a bad tenant/buyer.
We have heard every story you can think of and have fallen for a couple of them, the results will always be the same you will end up chasing them for your money every month and you will hear every excuse imaginable. Life happens to everybody but sadly people think they can spread the money out and cover things that are not priority like their cool toys, new cars and whatever else they can buy to make themselves feel good, they do NOT prioritize where they lay their head, why I have no idea, I'm sure its our consumerist society we live in. Good luck to them with those bad choices, I have made plenty of those in my life and I know what it got me.
Something else you need to stick to when picking a tenant/buyer is 3 times the monthly payment in income, if they do not meet this requirement find another tenant cause life will catch them soon and then the excuses start.
If they have past evictions find another tenant, if they have a criminal history most likely you will have to find another tenant.
Luckily for you the park will enforce most all of the rules for you so you can fall back on the park owner.

Happy Mobile Home Investing Life