Posted 6 months ago

Marketing for Mobile Homes in a Park

Good Day 
I thought I would talk about finding mobile homes in parks using all the usual suspects of marketing services.
The majority if not all of these services will only locate the park but not the homes in the park so what is a mobile home investor to do when you need homes to buy so you can fix and sell or just wholesale them to other buyers.
There is a simple answer to this but it involves more work than most people are willing to do, the answer to this is to drive the parks you want to work in and get the address directly off of the mailbox. This is going to be my marketing strategy of choice in the near future. Most new investors that get into this business love to wholesale, virtual wholesale, or fix and flip, in order to do this type of investing you will need to find people to market to and the best way that I know of besides marketing to  park owner/manager contacts is to market directly to the mobile home owners in the parks.
This does take some driving around on your part and I know gas is 5.00 bucks a gallon but remember is all a big tax write off.

happy investing 
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