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Starting the next stage: More RE Skill acquisition

Feb 18, 2021

So I actually left my previous job in Strata, but got hired back about 3 months later. I let the company know that I was looking for a position in the Rental department. The ratio of Strata to Rental managers is about 10-1 so there are not that many positions and at the time, there were no openings. Still I, jumped to look for that job. Right after I jumped, it was crunch time for the warehouse project, so I was able to focus my energies to complete that project.

I wanted to keep developing my skills so I made a conscientious decision to leave.  In the next three months, I sent out about 15 resumes. Only 5 were to companies that were actually looking for a rental manager type person. Another 5 were to companies that did the work I wanted to do but were not actively looking and the last 5 were to "other" jobs in the field, like mortgages and syndication, but not rentals. I only got 1 interview but did not get hired. I was only sending out about 1 resume per week and expect that I would eventually get the job I was looking for. Luckily for me a position opened in my old company and they called me to see if I was still available and interested.

I took the job and today I went to assist in serving a tenant with a notice of eviction.

What I really like about the job is that there are people/companies that have hired our company to manage entire buildings. Through phone and email correspondence with the owners, I want to know how they think, what information is important to them and what activities drive them and their successes in Real Estate Investing. 

I believe there is no better way to learn how to deal with property management issues and see how different owners respond to the same issue. I guess one could argue that given a certain situation, you could post the question/issue on BP and ask the community for their insights, but actually doing it adds another layer of information and learning.  it forces me to deal with problem after problem. (Or challenge after challenge if your a positive thinker)  On the flip side of the owner/manager equation, I get to see how a well managed PM company runs their systems. A lot of the guidelines are similar to what I have been using for ages and what you can usually pick up from reading. ie. applicants need to have a gross income of say 3x of the rent, what key things to look for when doing a background check etc..