Posted 25 days ago

How to Create a Welcome Package for Your New Tenant

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Building and maintaining a strong relationship with your tenant will be critical to your success as a real estate investor. And a really good way to build that foundation from day one is by gifting your tenants with a welcome package. And it really helps to keep tenants happy and that's one of the reasons why they will stay in your property for years to come. And the lack of attention means the loss of a tenant and that can be costly for your real estate business.

Moving is a difficult time for a lot of people and we also have a blog post where we talked about how to make the moving process a little less stressful. The gift could be as simple as a handwritten welcome note, where you can write a few sentences that tell the tenant how glad you are to have them on your property, it also could be snacks, drinks, local gift cards mix of goodies and essentials, all those things are a cost-effective and easy way to show tenants that you really care.

Welcoming your new tenant with a gift package isn't the only way to make a good first impression, you can also introduce tenants to their new neighbors, as this will help your tenants and neighbors feel safer and more at home. On top of that, you might be able to weed out the troubled tenants, as they might think twice before interfering if they know their neighbors are watching them.

You can also make an additional small gift for a renter's welcome package:

1.Personalizing space is essential for any tenant and also protecting your walls is critical. So consider including some sticky hooks in your renter's welcome package.

2.Include inexpensive carpet or coasters this not only helps the tenant but also protects the table and floors from unwanted damage.

3.Including a small real or artificial houseplant in the tenant welcome package is a fun way to spruce up any space.

You should also not forget to include the note where they can fill out their important information, this makes it convenient for them and also gives an opportunity to solidify important points from the moment they sign the lease. And if you also give the tenant all the information they need, they probably won't contact you as often with questions and this will help to save time and stay more productive. Information to be included in the renter's welcome package:

1. Add reminders for any other important restrictions that you would like to emphasize, such as guidelines or pet policy.

2. Make it clear to tenants who to call and when to call for general inquiries and emergencies.

3. Attach a copy of the signed lease.

4. Relevant information about the property.

5. Add property manager information, including emergency phone numbers, opening hours, and email addresses.

So when you have a new tenant on your property, make sure to follow these tips above and create a tenant welcome package, so you can get the relationship off the ground from day one. However, creating a welcome package takes time and effort that you might not have as a full-time investor, so maybe it's time to consider hiring a professional property management team who can help you to save time, while taking over other major tasks as well, like handling tenant screening, maintenance, rent collection, and other operations on the daily basis.