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Posted 10 months ago

Why you shouldn't use an agent who is buying similar properties

Often people say you should use an investment agent/broker when you are buying an investment property.

This is definitely something you should be doing.

However you need to be careful if you are working with an agent who is buying for her/himself as there is a conflict there.

One of the first questions you should ask your agent is if they are actively buying properties.

As an investment agent, I have access to a lot of off market and pre market listings.  I know what properties are the best values and have the best upside.

How would you feel if I took the best ones for myself?  Would you want to work with me as your Buyers Agent?

I had some wonderful opportunities in the last year and I got them for my clients, not for myself.  It is wrong to take the good ones, then leave the seconds for your clients.

Make sure you check then avoid agents who are actively buying for themselves as they are your competition in a very competitive space