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Posted almost 3 years ago

Worcester Multi Weekend Review 9.5.2021

I did not have the chance to see as many places as last weekend but I picked up 10 between Friday and Saturday.  This puts my number of multis and investment properties seen since 2018 at 1575.

Friday I saw 3 off market properties.

113 Fairmont Ave, Worcester.  3 family plus a little commercial space.  Good property, limited parking, solid location about a mile from Umass Medical school.  Good rents.  Looks like it may need commercial financing.

43 Orient St, Worcester 4 family.  A little rough, but has potential to get you the rents since it is a 4 family.  Newer roof,  Spectacular Worcester views from the back porches.  Across the street from lots of new construction town houses so there is a lot of upside here.  Also, about a mile from Umass Med

521 Grafton Street, Worcester.  I really like this one.  Has 3 BR per floor, and space in the basement that could be finished for an owner occupant to add more space, has a driveway and a small yard


36 Elm street unit 3, condo-  $245k $480/month fees, 1 parking spot.  These condos in the downtown area are very rarely for sale.  At some point some of the apartments that have recently been built will convert to condos, but right now it is hard to find ownership opportunities in the urban core.  This place is beautiful, but you have to walk up 3 flights of exterior stairs to get to the beautiful unit

303 West Main st, Millbury MA $375k, this is a deal.  Needs a lot of work and has sloped floors, but the lot and the location make up for it.  you need money and vision but you can make $ here, failed Title V

31 margin st worcester, SF  Failed Title V $179k,  nice unit, but the street getting here is virtually impassible

178 Russell st, WPI 3 family $525k- One of my buyers has this under contract

53 Ellsworth st, Worcester, $525k average house, good parking, likely in Flood zone

19 Circuit Ave East.  3 family $450k 2 vacancies,  Worth owning, limit is the stairs up to the first floor unit and no parking

93 May street Worcester, Right by the Big Y $499k 3 family no parking, decent yard.  Nice spaces that could be 3 BR units.  open 3rd floor unit that will come vacant.  Worth owning.

Remember there is always something to see, and you can increase your knowledge and familiarity with the Worcester Market just by going to open houses and taking notes.