Posted 11 months ago

Blame the Millennials for the HOUSING CRISIS

This is a great article from the Washington Post- Stop blaming millennials for the housing crisis.

Actually you should blame them.  They are the problem

These folks wanted experiences so no one built housing for them.  Now they want housing and there isn't enough.

Just because they couldn't go anywhere for 2 years due to COVID now they want to move out of their tiny apartments and take houses off the market.  Or they decided to move out of MOM's BASEMENT and get an apartment for themselves.

As mentioned they are buying in the cities next to jobs, and creating gentrification.  They are buying in Suburbs and surrounding towns and now people who grew up and work in these areas can't afford houses.  They are moving from California to AZ and New York/New Jersey to FL and outbidding those folks as well.

They shouldn't be allowed to do this since they are screwing up the supply-demand balance. 

Of course we are kidding.

Could we have predicted that millennials would want housing? Of course, at some point they had to grow up.

It is time for local cities and towns to modify zoning codes to allow for more housing production.