Posted 8 months ago

People are backing out of House contracts!! Watch out

Interesting stats here from Redfin.

I think Redfin and Zillow do a great job at statistics and with their websites, but I wouldn't recommend using their agents.

60,000 home purchase deals fell through in June!!!!! that is almost 15% of all homes that were under contract.


It appears that the market may have switched slightly from Seller to Buyers, BUT keep in mind there is still historically low inventory, and interest rates are still low as well.

If inflation is 9.1% and home interest rate is 5.6% then you are paying back your loan with inflated dollars and you are still up 3.5%.

There will be opportunities out there for savvy buyers as there are less people house hunting.

The key here is that good houses always sell, and bad houses(ones that are in less desirable locations or need work) sell well in a UP market and don't sell well in a DOWN market.

If you have a bad house, it might be time to let it go.