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Real Estate Investing in 2018

Real Estate Investing in 2018

The end of each year is always a mixed blessing. You have amazing and memorable holidays to enjoy, and there’s snow, and blistering cold. It’s traditionally a ‘start over’ time; whether that be rinse and repeat your victories, or taking the opportunity for big change.

Instead of bracing yourself to react to whatever you’re handed, make a proactive choice to create success – and go get what it is you need this year. It’s doable. Having been a single parent most of my adult years, I felt I had no choice but to make it happen – some way, somehow, and I did. You can too.

Why real estate investing?

Why not? You can start with zero dollars and you don’t need a Realtor’s license. With the right coach and mentor at your side, you can study at your own pace; sharing their tried and true resources. You can avoid making novice mistakes, while learning from someone who knows how to do things legally and with integrity.

Everything you’ve ever done in your life counts! Real estate investing is a field where your past experiences and your skills (whether that’s accounting or customer service) can come into play for your benefit. With real estate investing, ‘standing out’ is essential to success and this may be your first real opportunity to do that.

How can you get there?

  1. Keep a positive mindset. It may sound cliché but it absolutely works. The way you react to things determines the goals you set and how you reach them.
  2. Think about working from a co-op space instead of from the kitchen table. ‘Showing up’ to your business allows you to interact with other entrepreneurs on a similar path.

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  1. Well said, happy new year and all the best in 2018!