Posted over 6 years ago

Income Property Showcase ONLINE!


If you are looking for real estate investment opportunities I strongly encourage you to attend Saturday's Online Income Property Showcase. While we promise this event will be educational, the purpose of Saturday's event is to give you the opportunity to purchase Hassle-Free Cashflow properties you won't find anywhere else.

In ninety minutes, we'll

- Increase your awareness of current real estate investment opportunities
- Explore diverse property types and geographic markets
- Refine your personal investment philosophy

We'll be "thin slicing" fifteen income properties from:

- Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
- Indianapolis, Indiana
- Chattanooga, Tennessee
- Tulsa, Oklahoma
- Vallejo, California
- Atlanta, Georgia
- Kansas City, Missouri
- and other hot markets!

We have NEW PROPERTIES and NEW MARKETS! If you enjoyed our last Income Property Showcase, you'll appreciate the improvements we've made to our upcoming presentation.

Saturday's presentation will include:

- Properties that can produce cashflow with no money down
- Properties with "no qualifying" seller financing (great for non US citizens)
- Pride of ownership, "hassle-free" income property
- High CAP rate and off market income properties
- Low priced residential properties: $25,000 condo rented for $550/month
- Investment grade commercial properties under $750,000

As a special bonus, we'll hear from veteran real estate attorney Jeff Lerman ( on how to form real estate partnerships to acquire and/or finance investment real estate.

With this much diversity, you're likely to find the property you've been looking for. Be sure to register now for this free event!