Posted about 6 years ago

Cashing Out: How to quickly get cash for your mortgage note

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Today, more people selling their properties have discovered that using seller take-back financing can help them sell their properties more quickly and in many cases, for a lot more money. They have learned that using this powerful technique has many benefits for both sellers and buyers. But one of the most profitable benefits a seller using the take-back financing technique is the creation of a steady positive cash flow. This cash flow is created when the repayment terms of the seller take-loan (second mortgage note) are agreed upon. As a seller take-back note holder, you can work out a repayment schedule that best suits your financial needs. Usually, this means receiving your payments on a monthly basis over the life of the loan.

And while it's always nice to have money coming in on a regular monthly basis, you may find yourself in a position where you could use a lump sum of cash. Remember, your "note" is a financial instrument that has genuine economic value, and you can get cash for it at any time. If you find yourself in a situation where you would rather have an immediate lump sum of cash instead of continuing to collect monthly payments, there are many attractive options open to you. Let's take a quick look at some of the ways you can get a lump sum of cash for your seller take-back note.

The fastest and easiest way to generate immediate cash is to sell to your note for a lump sum. Everyday, hundreds, if not thousands of seller take-back notes are being bought, sold and traded all by note brokers over the country. Note brokers, or cash flow specialists, are financial professionals who specialize in buying and selling these types of notes, along with other types of cash flow instruments. Once you've decided to sell your note, you can decide how you want to handle it. For example, you could sell it outright for a lump cash payment. Once you've agreed upon a selling price, this is the quickest and easiest way to get immediate cash for your note. When you complete the transaction, you walk away with lump sum of cash.

Another option is to sell a "portion of the note." This option is a can be a little more complicated. Basically, it involves selling off a number of payments for cash. For example, let's say you're collecting payments of $100. per month and there are 40 payments left on the loan. You could decide to sell off 20 of those payments while electing to keep the remaining 20 payments for yourself so that you could collect them in the future. This can be a good compromise that lets you get some cash now while retaining the option to get more in the future.

Regardless of what your current financial needs, as a seller take-back note holder you always have the option to get immediate cash for your note. If you would like to learn explore the many attractive options for getting immediate cash for your note, call my office today: 1(800)596-4260.

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