Posted over 1 year ago

Superhost Status Excites!

At the middle of October, we have been granted Superhost status by AirBnb.  I have achieved 10 reviews of 5 stars on AirBnb.  I still have more bookings on AirBnb than I do on any other site, though I focused on it first.  Taking the benefits that were offered in exchange for higher rankings, I agreed to do auto-bookings on this site.  

Once I got the reviews I wanted on AirBnb, I switched over to focusing on VRBO.  I set VRBO on auto-booking, and lowered the prices in a quest to get a few more guests in the door.

Lastly, I set up and am now tweaking my listing there.  

My current toolbox is:
-Beyond Pricing for regulating the price through their algorithm.  
-AirDNA to see where guests are coming from, what others are getting in terms of occupancy and vacancy, plus rates. 
-Sam’s Club for supplies
-Target for sheets and toys 

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My biggest surprise so far is that my most prevalent guest has been a set of grandparents, with their adult parents and grandchildren.  Many come from another corner of Florida.

I noticed that a few lenders are advertising purpose finance for short term rentals, and am looking at a refinance with Visio of my long term portfolio.  I do have a letter of intent LOI in on 4 units that would make a terrific short term rental.