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Posted almost 9 years ago

Indulge Your Love for Food and Music Around 30A Luxury Homes

Indulge Your Love for Food and Music Around 30A Luxury Homes 

Food and music is the perfect formula that adds another reason as to why life in a 30A luxury home is exhilarating. Restaurants all over South Walton features the best cuisines and astounding live performances for the enjoyment of all. Here are some suggestions you might want to try one of these weekends:

Jam with your favorite band performing live and rocking the stage at your favorite restaurants near 30A luxury homes.

Dread Clampitt

Florida’s very own folk rock band can be seen performing and rocking the show every Sunday at the Red Bar. Located at Grayton Beach, Red Bar is one of the hottest scenes most especially with Dread Clampitt on stage. With their upbeat and exciting music, guests at the Red Bar can’t help but stay on their feet and rock along with Dread Clampitt’s music. Their innovative yet traditional music style is just among the many reasons why Dread Clampitt is one of the locals’ favorite bands.

Sounds of 30A

This is an ongoing Indie Artist showcase happening regularly along 30A. The Sounds of 30A is a showcase that supports and promotes local singers and songwriters such as El Papi, Neil Dover, Bruce Salmon, Derek Givans, Cody Copeland and Melissa Joiner. You can catch these singers and songwriters in the following weekends of April and May at Marie’s Bistro, Bruno’s Pizza and Old Florida Fish House.

Serving the area since 1984, this restaurant is definitely a place that South Walton is proud of. Even though the restaurant has been around for a while compared to the new 30A luxury homes for sale nearby, Marie’s Bistro serves food that locals and guests would come back for. Their Chef Nasri was trained in various parts of the world. Through his expertise in Mediterranean cuisines, he leads Marie’s Bistro’s kitchen in creating food featuring the best combination of Southern, Cajun and Tex-Mex flavors.

Located at Watersound Beach, Bruno’s is known to be the first pizzeria along 30A. Bruno’s Pizza is proud to be voted as South Walton’s best pizza along 30A for 22 years. This restaurant is most proud as well of their menu made only of freshest produce and finest meats.

Pizza anyone? Delight your cravings at Bruno's Pizza, the best pizzeria along 30A!

Reported as the best sushi bar near homes along 30A, Old Florida Fish House boasts an exquisite cuisine that their customers can enjoy. Located in Seagrove Beach, this restaurant has been serving the area since the summer of 2005. Featuring a game room, this casual dining restaurant is not only family friendly but the “place to be” when it comes to enjoying food while listening to the best live entertainment.

Indulge in the joy of live music and good food with friends and family. Find out more about the exciting life along 30A by visiting my site

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