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  1. I am looking forward to see if this work for me .  Playing the game seems very interesting.

  2. My name is Ginger Marphis. I run a Meet-up organized through  

    We meet every second Thursday of the month in Reno Nevada and have been doing so for almost two years. Amazon currently has the Cash Flow game as low as $47.  I highly recommend playing the game. It is a great learning tool for investors to think outside the box. The Balance Sheet teaches Investors how to treat their investing like a business through tracking your income and expenses in an organized fashion. The newest version of Cash Flow no longer comes with Cash, which is more realistic. It comes with a ledger where you add and subtract from your bank account. There is a mobile app which allows you to figure all the numbers automatically, however, I always suggest your first few times you use the Balance Sheet and Ledger. Utilizing the learning process of the tools provided within the game can help any investor learn the concepts behind becoming comfortable with "Good Debt", Partnering up on investment opportunities, and "Wholesaling" Concepts. 

    Play the game with someone who is a non-conformist and likes to make it fun. You will get hooked and want to share the experience with everyone!