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20 Tenant Horror Stories

Monday, October 29

Halloween is about binging on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (or Almond Joys if you’re a weirdo), attending costume parties, screaming your way through haunted houses, and re-watching the Halloween movie series from start to finish.However, as real estate investors, the horror of Halloween isn’t limi...

Why I Don’t Care About Cap Rates as an Apartment Syndicator

Tuesday, October 23

What’s the more profitable apartment deal – a 2% cap rate in Manhattan or a 10% cap rate in Stillwater, Oklahoma?If you’re answer was the 2% cap rate deal in Manhattan, you’re wrong.If you’re answer was the 10% cap rate deal in Stillwater, don’t get too excited, because you are also wrong.The cor...

3 Ways To Break Into Apartment Syndications w/ No Experience

Monday, September 17

In an apartment syndication, a syndicator raises money from passive investors to acquire apartment communities while sharing in the profits. It being an advanced real estate strategy, an investor will rarely, if ever, begin their career by raising millions of dollars to purchase and asset manage ...

How to Create a $400M Apartment Syndication Business from Scratch

Thursday, September 13

Apartment syndication, which is the pooling of money from numerous investors that will be used to buy an apartment building, is a complex real estate investment strategy with one of the highest barriers of entry. In fact, before even searching for your first apartment deal, you’ll likely require ...

Should You Trust a Listing Broker’s Rental Comps?

Friday, September 07

You receive a call from your real estate broker about a hot apartment deal that they’ve just listed. You quickly review their offering memorandum and, using a current rent roll and T-12, you populate your underwriting model. Before you can calculate an offer price, you need to perform a rental co...

5 Lessons Learned from the Worst Real Estate Investments

Thursday, August 30

Each week, we post a new question to the Best Ever Show Community on Facebook. The Best Ever Show Community is a place where real estate entrepreneurs of all stripes and sizes can come together to interact with each other, me, and the guests featured on my podcast with the purpose of everyone hel...