Posted about 8 years ago

Bucyrus.......Blog about another BP partnership deal

Here is another story about a deal we have done with another person who found us on Bigger Pockets.

We found this out of state investor this Cleveland Ohio duplex that already has a tenant upstairs along with a fully rehabbed downstairs unit. 

Price 67.5k with 2% seller closing cost assist. Our investor was able to secure this home with traditional financing. With projected monthly rents @ $1,400/month  We are looking at a Cash on Cash return of close to 50% for him.

Normal 1404790489 3816 Bucyrus Front Yard

Normal 1404790509 3816 Bucyrus Side Yard

Normal 1404790521 3816 Bucyrus Side Yard 2

Normal 1404790534 3816 Bucyrus Back Yard

Normal 1404790547 3816 Bucyrus Living Room

Normal 1404790559 3816 Bucyrus Kitchen

Normal 1404790576 3816 Bucyrus Bathroom

Normal 1404790587 3816 Furnace

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