Posted about 7 years ago

5 ways to find real estate deals.

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5 ways to find real estate deals.

1. Your real estate agent.

It should go without saying that networking with real estate agents and brokers is going to be a great source of deals for you. Make sure you find well connected agents and treat them well. If you treat all agents like they are a dime a dozen the only type of agent you will end up working with is a dime a dozen. A well connected agent has a deep network of buyers and sellers which can be invaluable to you as an investor.

2. Word of mouth.

Let everyone and anyone know what you do. If you are in the market to buy properties every time you speak to a new person do not be afraid to explain to them what it is that you are looking to buy. Get yourself some business cards and hand them out wherever you go.

3. Direct mail marketing.

There are several websites that help you make a mailing lists of specific type of property owners that you want to target.

4. Signs.

Yard signs, vehicle signs and billboards are all great ways to get the word out in your targeted area. Stay away from illegal signs known as Bandit signs. This will put you at risk of legal trouble and give your business a bad reputation.

5. Online marketing.

The internet is a great place to get your message across. Create a website, start a blog and tell all of your Facebook friends and BiggerPockets colleagues that you are looking to buy properties. Use SEO and google ad words campaigns to get yourself on top of google searches.