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4 reasons why your tenants let you evict them.

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As investors, evictions are something we all have to deal with. We all do, (or at least should do) everything in our power to limit them but there is no foolproof way to completely avoid them. That is the unfortunate truth about the real estate business.

Many investors understand the notion that there will be deadbeat tenants who will test the generous or inexperienced landlord. I have seen many courtroom cases where the landlord waited 3, 4, 5, or even 6 months before taking the tenant to court. 

What baffles many investors is when a tenant will fight the eviction process entire eviction process all the way to court and in extreme cases all the way to move out day. Pushing the landlord to the point of filing the eviction then settling out of court has a little bit of logic to it albeit misplaced logic, but to take it all the way to court. Why would any tenant do that? There are some serious consequences for a tenant winding up on the loosing end of the eviction. 

  • All of their possessions are thrown to the curb.
  • An eviction is permanently on their record.
  • They can be sued for back due rent.
  • They will have a very hard time finding another landlord willing to rent to them.
  • They may be denied some professional licenses or employment.

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They are smarter than you are.

These tenants are not going to be evicted. THEY KNOW THEIR RIGHTS. They believe that not only will they win in court, they will be able to sue you for $1,000's of dollars while they are in court.

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They are in Denial.

These tenants just do not believe it is going to happen to them. These tenants are usually people who have never been evicted before. They typically do not show up to the court date. They ignore the entire situation. They just cannot fathom the idea that someone can forcefully remove them from their home.

The tenants who are in denial are the one who have all of their possession in the home when the bailiffs and movers arrive. They are usually going about their day like nothing is going on and then are hit with the reality of the situation rather quickly. These people are shocked and horrified by the events that follow.

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They are in Jail.

Simple and stupid, but sometimes it happens. You may run into a tenant that gets themselves in trouble and winds up with a new landlord...The correctional system.

They have nowhere to go.

Sometimes you will run into tenants who are aware of the situation they are in, but they lack the resources to do anything about it. I have dealt with several tenants like this before. When you lay out all of the reasons why it is in their best interest to move elsewhere before it goes to court they usually all have a similar response. It is always some version of 

"Do what you gotta do"

These evictions can be the toughest ones as even the most seasoned landlord can have their heart strings tugged. It is extremely important to remember that this is a business and you must treat it as such. It is imperative that the investor take emotions out of the situation and operate their rental property as a business in any and all situations.

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About the author:

James Wise is the Broker and Owner of The Holton Wise Property Group, a real estate brokerage and property management company operating in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.