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How Much Is My House Worth? Free Ways To Find Your Home's Value

The real estate market is dynamic; homes values depend on a multitude of factors, some of which are intangible and relative to the buyer's desire. A home can be worth more or less depending on how desirable it is for a particular buyer. It can be said that real estate does not have a constant value. Price is relative, and unlike with other goods and services, we can only arrive at  a good price estimation. 

The best way to get that "good estimation" is to use a professional house appraiser. However, when all you need is a rough estimate of you home's worth, there are tools available that can help you determine how much your house is worth. Compare the different prices given by real estate evaluators to similar houses in the same location and you have a pretty accurate assessment.

Looking at how automated appraisal systems evaluate the value of a home, it is clear that they consider factors such as the previous sales of similar houses, numbers of rooms and amenities plus the room measurements. They overlook the house current condition, year of construction, and the means of transaction involved when purchasing among other variables that cannot be tracked effectively.

The best option to evaluate your house would be to involving real estate professional to inspect, asses and give a recommendation on the property nature and best approximate value. However sometimes it can be costly to hire these professionals or you might need other comparable to get best results. To get a quick estimate of how much you can get from selling your house, take advantage of free online tools that give a rough idea of your house worth.'s Free Home Evaluator Tool

Zillow happens to be the best known website for real estate deals. It constitutes a nationwide comprehensive collection of homes for sale and rent. From the website, you can check for sold homes in your area and how much they were sold. This gives a closer estimate of how much your home is worth. The website has "How much is my home worth" tool that calculates your Zestimates (Zillows estimate value according to current internal algorithms). The website does not require any registration, simply enter address details in the calculator fields provided and your home value will show, including the statistics of your neighborhood. The data simplify the house value calculation in case you want to sell or buy.

Normal 1432069409 Zillow Show Home Values On A Map

This is another real estate website that can solve almost anything when it comes to home value, sell or buy. From Trulia, you can find home listing for either purchase or rent. Additionally, it has a mortgage section for buyers where they access calculator to help them find house affordability. This website also does not require registration to calculate the home value. You just enter email address, and home address. Trulia gives customized home value estimates. The website is professionally built with an easy to navigate platform.

Normal 1432069424 Trulia Features Advanced Home Valuation Features's Home Value Tool

Redfin's website requires user registration before using their estimate tool. Upon registration with your address details, you receive an automatic estimate value of your house. Using the website, you can search and find other houses listed for sale. Their many tools also enable you to find real estate agents who also provide house value services. Home Values

You can Always Ask Your Local Realtor For A Comparative Market Analysis

Updated every 15 minutes, assists you find the services of a realtor, provides property values and has a listing of properties on sale and rent. Their mortgage calculator can be used to decide on favorable home price and for monthly payments after purchase. The website's home value estimator gives results that are detailed with other property comparable. House Evaluator

Housevalues is a simple to use website that simply gives you an estimate of your house value. On the website's home page, you find a form that allows you to enter home address, unit, city and state. Once you pres "Get Report" button, it gives instant results. You can also search on their listing for houses in your area and get to see how much they cost.

House Values Collects Leads in Return For A Property Value Report House Evaluator

This is a much detailed website where you not only get the house value estimate but you also search for other houses listed for sale. Their house value calculator considers the State Address and City or State location. Accessing the calculator does not require any registration on the website. gives realtor agents the platform to give their services to house sellers.

Property Tax Appraisals

You can get your  house value assessment from your county's tax records website. Although it is an estimate and not much reliable, it can tell how much the government values your house for. You would be amazed to find that they value your house more than it is worth. You can appeal for your house assessment for a lower value to reduce on property taxes.

HouseFax is a website used mainly to get property history. If you search for a particular house, the website will show you a detailed report of the home's history, similar to a CarFax but for homes. Unlike other sites, this website requires payment, however, they offer your first report for free. The report gives an assessment of house value depending on insurance, fire accidents, building permits and loan history. Other professional services offered on the HouseFax website also require registration.

HouseFax Offer The Most Comprehensive Valuation Reports

While finding the best appraisal for your home can be a hectic activity, it can be easy as well if you follow the right procedures and services of professionals. Comparable sales can be a good indicator considering the supply and demand factor. It is advisable to always price it higher than the expected value. On the other side, buyers should never consider paying full amounts unless the offer is on a discounted price.

Remember, at the end of the day, the price of a property depends on how much the buyer is wiling to pay.