Posted 10 months ago

How to Wholesale Ethically as a Realtor!

Ethical Investing For Realtors

The truth is, there just isn't that much out there for Realtors who choose to invest.  Believe me, I've looked.  The fact is, if you are a Realtor who is looking to wholesale, (assignment of contract) or flip properties in any way; there is a disturbing lack of information on the web.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't think much of it, if it weren't for the fact that I know as a practicing Realtor that I have certain obligations to the Code of Ethics, as well as to my local board.  At the very minimum, I have a Broker who is going to have a few questions about a contract that I have, any fees I might make, and any agency laws I might have broken! 

After 23 years of practicing real estate both as a listing broker as well as a personal investor, I have come across this problem many times.  The hard fact remains that much of what you learn on the Internet just isn't applicable to our profession, nor is it something you could "get away with" should you choose to do it anyway!

So what is an Investing Realtor to do?  Should you just forgo being a Realtor, and focus solely on Investments?  What if you are the type that actually LIKES to take listings occaisionally as well as flip homes?  

How do you avoid having to get in trouble with your local Board, Broker and fellow Realtors, while still serving this Customer? 

In this video,  I will share with you 7 points to consider to help streamline, differentiate, and keep you EASILY compliant with the Code Of Ethics! 

Complimentary Copy Resale Disclosure! 

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