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Sell Your House

After the decision is made to sell a home, everyone wants it to sell quickly. But, to do so requires the right balance of several factors. Here are our keys to selling your home. Let’s sell your house.

Make Sure You Price it Right – This is one of the keys in getting the agents in your market to pay attention to your home. You want to maximize your net after sale proceeds, but going out into the market at a price too high may mean that your listing will age. Go stale. Do not be afraid to list your house at slightly below market to generate immediate interest. In many markets, this could create a bidding war.

Keep It Clean – You never know when your agent will want to show your home to a prospective buyer. And, nothing turns off a buyer more than a sink full of dishes or clothes spread across a bedroom floor. So, just keep your home in show condition to increase your odds of selling your home quickly.

Sell Your House

Make Sure There Is Enough Light – A recent poll mentioned good lighting as a key factor to home buyers. So, do what it takes to make your home bright and cheery. Increase the wattage of your light bulbs, pull back the curtains, open up the blinds and clean the windows. Buyers will take notice.

Hire The Right Agent – Talk to at least three agents who cover your neighborhood and ask for references. Also, check the state website for real estate agents to verify there are no outstanding legal or other issues. This is an important decision so make it carefully.

Put Your Money Into The Kitchen And Bathrooms – Most people want a beautiful kitchen and bathrooms. So, if you plan on upgrading your home before putting it on the market, pay attention to these two areas. Your return on investment will be the highest in these rooms.

Do Not Get Emotionally Involved – It may be the case that it will take several house tours to find your buyer. So, do not be discouraged when someone makes a negative comment or you do not find a buyer right after the property is listed. It is not personal.

Get Good Photos – Most buyers start their home buying process on the internet. So, to get their attention, invest in the cost of a professional photographer. Your agent will be able to make a couple of referrals. It is money well spent.

By making a series of good decisions, you will increase the probability of selling your home quickly.

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