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Home Technology Trends

A home’s technological capabilities have greatly transformed over the past decade. It used to be that buyers just looked to see where the phone jacks and cable outlets were in a room. Today’s tech-savvy homebuyer may just have a different list of needs and wants in a 21st century home. Let’s face it, landline phones are a thing of the past. Now it’s onto cell phones, the internet and Smart TV’s.

Introducing the next thing in ‘SMART’ technology. The smart home. In this technologically advanced world that we live in, everything is going smart including our home. An ever growing trend, the smart home can range in functionality from press-button security systems to checking inside your refrigerator from virtually anywhere.

9 Home Technology Trends:

  • Automating the Home. On the way in are connected dishwashers and self-watering plant devices.
  • Wireless Technology. From the multi-room wireless speaker system to the wireless home theater, wireless technology is here to stay.
  • Bluetooth Capabilities. No longer just for talking on your smartphone, Bluetooth allows control for outlets, light bulbs and other items.
  • Thermostats, Zoned-Based or Programmable. Manage your homes temperature on the go with your tablet or smartphone or utilize a zone-based thermostat to heat or cool only occupied rooms through motion sensors. These cutting edge thermostat controls can allow homeowners to realize savings up to $180 per year when used correctly.
  • Security Systems. Automated alarm systems are a top feature in today’s homes. With the integration of smart technology and video, many homeowners are using this capability to plug in to their home even when they are away.
  • Smarter TVs. It’s not just about cable anymore. Consumers are launching apps, browsing the internet and socializing on TVs now. TVs have become larger and smarter. Each year new technologies are transforming the television market.
  • Energy-Efficient Measures. From replacing appliances, upgrading windows and insulation and swapping out toilets, there are a wide variety of ways to make a home more efficient in energy use.
  • Wi-Fi and Home Networking. Wireless capable devices can’t live without this important element in order to make your home smart.
  • Smart Plugs and Outlets. Smart plugs are already on the market and they allow users to turn remotely on or off a device. Smart outlets are just now being introduced and enable more efficient homes by analyzing user behavior and turning off devices that are not in use.

What the Future Holds for Home Technology

Ever make a trek to the grocery store and suddenly forget how much milk you have in the fridge at home? With the future of smart appliances, you may soon be able to connect to your smart refrigerator through an interior video feed on a mobile app to see just how much milk you have already. Smart locks are also in the near future which will allow doors to unlock or lock through the use of a smartphone or automatically through the use of sensors. Voice control is also on the cutting edge and will soon be mainstream according to many trend predictors. In-home devices and smartphones will soon allow you to control outlets, lights, and appliances through your voice.

The digital age has brought many different options in the smart home technology arena. A Pew Research Internet Project found that 90 percent of the adult population in the United States has a cell phone, 58 percent utilize a smart phone and 42 percent have a tablet computer. By 2017, the smart home market is projected to reach $12.8 billion in North America and Europe alone.

Creating a more secure and efficient house is feasible but it may come at a cost. Let’s face it. Homes are changing. Now a home built earlier in the decade seems almost outdated because it doesn’t have all of the new tech trends installed. Although there is no real way to ‘future-proof’ your home, you can take steps to bring it up to the technology standards of today which in the long run will appeal to tech-savvy buyers should you decide to sell.


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