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How to Sell Your Inherited House

Do you need to sell your inherited house? There are multiple reasons why you might inherit a house. It could have been left to you in a will or it could have been signed over to you by somebody who didn’t want to live there anymore.

Whatever the case, inheriting a house could pose a lot of problems. In today’s post I’m going to cover a few different methods that you can use to sell your inherited house and how they can specifically benefit or harm you.

List Your House

Listing with an agent is one of the most common ways to sell your inherited house. By listing the house you get to put your inherited home in front of a large number of potential buyers. So what are the drawbacks to that?

In the end you will have to pay commission to a realtor to sell your inherited house. This is thousands of dollars coming directly out of your pocket. While they are doing a lot of work for you, wouldn’t it be nice to keep that money in your pocket?

There are also quite a few holding costs that could make selling your inherited house an issue. If you don’t live in the house you are going to be paying taxes on a property that you don’t even live in. On top of that the house needs to be insured. The longer it takes for your house to hit the market and get sold, the more of these costs you will have to pay.

Sell It Yourself

Selling your inherited home by owner is the next available option. This is a great way to save the extra thousands of dollars that you’d pay a realtor to list it, but also presents its own struggles and problems.

To sell your inherited house yourself, you’ll need marketing. You need to put the house info on every available site that you can to maximize exposure. You need to purchase signs to market your home around the neighborhood. You’ll have to plan open houses for people to come and look at the inherited property. There is a lot of time and money tied up in marketing houses.

You’ll also have to free up time to show the house. This means taking time out of your day to drive to a house that you don’t live in to show a stranger the inside. If you’ve done your marketing correctly you’ll have to set aside a lot of time to do this and you’ll have to be flexible with your hours if you want to sell your house fast.

Sell to an Investor

Selling your inherited house to an investor like me is a choice worth considering. There are many benefits that you get from selling to an investor that you can’t find anywhere else.

You get the benefit of a fast sale. A real estate investor can close a deal faster than other options because they deal in cash. I buy houses for cash in the Atlanta area and I am able to close on my deals fast. No matter where you live you can get a good deal from an investor too!

If you sell to an investor like me you won’t pay commissions on your property. I make my profit on the investment. You won’t have to worry about keeping your house clean or showing it. I buy houses as is no cleaning, staging or worries.

Sell your inherited house to an investor. It is the best way to get cash for your house without having to pay any hidden fees. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your home throughout the selling process or showing it to a ton of different people. A real estate investor is by far the best choice when trying to sell your inherited house.

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  1. Hi, you can also refinance the property or rent it, though the ladder can bring more responsibilities and expenses.