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Renting Tips: Top Attractions When It Comes To Rental Properties

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Atlanta Property Managers Renting Tips: Top Attractions When It Comes To Atlanta Rental Properties

Amenities play an important role in attracting good renters towards your Atlanta rental property. A survey conducted by Apartment Guide showed that 75% of the landlords assume that they would have to make the improvements to their properties if they wanted to keep and attract renters. Today, renters are in search of specific features within a rental home or an apartment, and they would pay a higher price if they get those features. This is exactly why landlords should always keep in mind the demands of renters. Atlanta property management companies have put together a list of a few attractions that are important to renters when it comes to Atlanta rental properties:

Location, Location, Location

While you cannot do any renovations in this respect to increase the value of the property, landlords should take into account that a hot location will always be important to renters. A property that is situated in an expensive area or a hot neighborhood will attract more renters as compared to a property located in a less desirable neighborhood. Provide a renter with a school district location or a shorter work commute and they will likely want to rent there.

Open Floor Plan And Square Footage

Square footage will always be a unique selling point because everyone loves and wants more space. Alongside, there should also be an open floor plan, since a smaller space can seem much larger when rooms flow into each other.

Amenities In Style Of A Resort

Certain community features that include swimming pools, a fitness center and tennis courts are always attractive and motivating for renters. Therefore, a landlord should consider highlighting such incentives and features so that they can draw in more potential renters. For single family home rentals, such features will probably not be available, however, there are others such as neighborhood pools, tennis courts, children's areas, picnic areas, or lakes that might be attractive to renters and should be featured in marketing materials for your rental listings.

Updated Kitchen Appliances

People like using things that feel new or actually are new, and certainly do not want to have a feeling that they are using the same things that the people before them were using. This is why it is important to keep updating your appliances and having the appliances match. We are in no way suggesting to go out there and buy the most expensive appliances for a rental property, but a set of appliances that will look good, function properly and is not overly expensive. For your Atlanta rental properties, you can find really good appliances at Home Depot and Lowes and should always check out their clearance section in the back of the store or ask a sales associate where their clearance merchandise is. You can buy a $2000 refrigerator for $500, just remember, it takes time to find deals like that.

In our experience, we have found that buying appliance protection helps in dealing with a rougher usage by the tenants and that most often, repairing appliances, doesn’t make a whole lot of financial sense. So, with the extra warranty, our appliances last longer, and when the warranties end, we just replace the appliance for something similar.

Outdoor Space

Some renters prefer having an outdoor space according to a study conducted by for the Washington DC renters had ranked the outdoor amenities to be the number one priority when it came to renting properties. 61% of the respondents wanted to enjoy the outdoors while still being at home. Outdoor amenities include rooftop decks, sundecks, patio areas, and a space for placing grills and furniture.


No matter what the parking space is like, be it a unit parking space, a carport, an attached garage or a parking garage of the building, the renters who own cars would want a place to park their cars as well. Covered areas for parking are much sought after since they provide protection against snow or rain, and help in adding a certain level of peace of mind and sense of security.

If you manage to find ways to offer such benefits to renters, then they will come running to rent your property. While it may be difficult to offer all these amenities together, see what your single family home rentals can offer in terms of outdoor space with fenced in yards, neighborhood pools and tennis courts, private attached garages and remember to highlight those amenities in your rental ads.

We have just touched on the surface of the many things you can do to make your Atlanta rental properties more attractive for renters. The Owner Buzz Blog provides a great deal of information on renting, property management and investment properties. If you have questions, please feel free to visit out website's Atlanta Property Management section and read the many articles we have published on landlording, property management and investment properties.

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