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FREE Teleseminar on Private Lending !!!

Hi there! This is Mike Lautensack with Real Estate Wealth Today and I am sure you are aware that the world's financial markets are in freefall and the mortgage markets are frozen to anyone but the 4 people with 800+ credit scores.

So if you do not have an 800 credit score how are you going to get money for your real estate investing business. The answer is Private Lending! In fact, it may be the only answer.

So as result of overwhelming request from our students  back by popular demand - I am going to do another teleseminar titled "Private Lending Secrets for Real Estate Investors"

This FREE Teleseminar will be a step-by-step overview of the private lending process and tell you how to fund your real estate deals without banks or PERSONAL GUARANTEES!

Teleseminar Series: Wednesday, November 19, at 8:00 PM Eastern

 To sign up for this FREE teleseminar simple click here ===>

On this call you'll get insider secrets on:

  • How to fund your real estate deals WITHOUT using banks or putting up PERSONAL GUARANTEES!
  • Learn to close private loans in just days - not weeks or months
  • Learn how to avoid upfront points or closing cost fees, credit checks, lengthy applications and prepayment penalties.
  • Discover the one Person you should always ask to fund your Real Estate Deals - This one will amaze you
  • Learn how to get real estate deals at 10% to 20% less than your competition simple because you have an "all cash and quick close" offers
  • Learn how to put together a marketing plan that will have people calling you to lend money for your next deal
  • Learn what NOT to do so you will avoid getting a call from the SEC
  • And much, much more....

    It will be the Wednesday night (November 19th)!

    To sign up for this FREE teleseminar simple click here ===>

    Check for the time in your area...

    • 5:00pm Pacific Time
    • 6:00pm Mountain Time
    • 7:00pm Central Time
    • 8:00pm Eastern Time

    Seating is limited and you DON'T want to miss the educational, information packed call! We look forward to having you on the call!

    To sign up for this FREE teleseminar simple click here ===>

    Thank You,

    Mike Lautensack

    Real Estate Wealth Today

    P. S. I only have 50 lines available for this call, so please get on 5 minutes early so you don't miss the call.

    P. P. S. We also now offer a limited number of people one-on-one private coaching to grow and expand your real estate investing business with private lending - If interested please click here and fill out the form and I will call you to discuss your needs.


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