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3 Ways-RESIDUAL INCOME in Real Estate


You don’t need tons of money to start investing into real estate. There are programs that will show you how to leverage other people money while building your wealth in real estate. Real Estate is one way that you can make a living and have Residual income month after month.

Here are few tips on how to make residual income from real estate.

Tip # 1. Starting Out. In the beginning you can start by finding properties that may need TLC . There are several HUD, pre-foreclosures and even Lease with the Option to buy opportunities out there that will help purchase your 1st home. This will give you the ability to make a small investment in the beginning and a large return on your money at the end.

Tip # 2. Building your Inventory. Many investors buy and hold their property, because of the economy it is a little harder to buy and sell. You can make great residual income each month off your rental properties the more properties you have under your belt the more money you will make each month. Once you have a few good properties it is time to look into good property management services. This will leave your self more time to invest in other things without having to worry about tenant issues. No matter what type of investment you make, it is only a matter of time before you begin to profit off of the investment. Any source will tell you that real estate will naturally build wealth over time.

Tip # 3. When you begin your income. Residual real estate income will allow you to make money simply by owning property in a variety of places without having to do the work that is involved with the property. Things such as rental properties can help you to put money in your pocket without you making an effort to go to a regular 9-5. Real estate investing is a great way to begin putting residual income in your bank without having to work long hours and labor at a job that doesn’t offer as many benefits as the real estate business.


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Mike Lautensack is the owner of full service Residential Property Management company based in and around Philadelphia, PA. He advises real estate investors how to build wealth and financial security through hassle-free ownership of investment real estate with their No-Hassle Property Management Program.”This proven management system allows owners to enjoy the financial benefits of cash flow, tax savings, and wealth creation while it GUARANTEES you will never receive a late night emergency call, deal with a lengthy eviction proceeding or ever have to interact with an irate tenant.

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