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4 Things 2 look for in a Rental Home!


1. Who is the property manager: One of the big problems people have when renting a property is who to call to get repairs done. Make sure you are renting from someone who has a maintenance team to handle all your repair's

2. Close to public transport: Most renters would look for a property that is close to shops, work and public transportation. Being close to these services means you are more likely to leave your car at home and take the train and bus to save money.

3. Neutral wall color: In small homes it is so important to add light and create a sense of space . This means organizing things creatively or de-cluttering but it can also means light, neutral wall colors. Light netural colors can include a room floor 15% to 20% larger.

4. Look at the neighborhood: Yes, you are just renting, but the safety of a location should be considered . Research nearby schools if you have children, as well as travel time to work, stores, and how your neighborhood is laid out. Feel just as comfortable with your neighborhood as with your rental home.

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