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The Six Deadly Mistakes Rental Property Owners Make… (part 1 of 6)

 The Six Deadly Mistakes Rental Property Owners Make…

(How Many of Them Are You Making Right Now?)

Part 2 of 6 ....

Costly Mistake #2: Your Property Manager is not responsive to people calling about renting your property
Here is what I mean by that statement: Let’s face it, finding quality, responsive professionals in any service business is an up-hill battle. And in today’s economy, your property manager BETTER be hungry for business, answer their phones, and return messages quickly, OR people will go elsewhere.
Here is the simplest way to find out if your property manager is responsive to tenant inquiries: Call them up at different points in the day, and see if they actually answer the phone.
If You CAN’T Get The Property Manager On The Phone (Consistently) Neither Can A Possible New Tenant!
Let me put it this way: if more than half the time your phone calls (to your property manager) go straight to voicemail, you are losing a boat load of tenants that could have rented your property. Why? Because when a tenant calls in to get information, they are in the mood, RIGHT NOW, to get some answers and go look at places to rent!
When that voicemail turns on, half these people just hang up the phone and call the next landlord on the list. You just potentially lost your next tenant, and your home continues to sit vacant, with cash flowing OUT of your wallet instead of INTO it. And here is an even scarier thought: If your property manager cannot be counted on to answer their phones consistently, can you count on them to put up rental signs? Or run quality classified ads? What about doing proper background checks, or making potential new tenants feel valued and important?
What I am trying to say is (as I said earlier) when someone is doing a couple of things wrong…they are generally doing loads of things wrong. And, there is no way you’re ever going to know because you’re not there. You live out of town. You can’t easily check up on them, and therefore, they have no real accountability to you.
Obviously, the solution to this problem is pretty straight forward: Find a Property Manager that enthusiastically responds to tenant inquiries!
At our company, we answer well over 94% of all calls within the first 3 rings. I know this because I check periodically to see how many calls go to our voicemail on a given day.
Please come visit us again next week for Part 2 of 6 Critical Mistakes Rental Owner's Make!

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