Posted almost 7 years ago

Why You Can Never Go Wrong When Investing in Park City, Utah

Park City is only 40 minutes away from Salt Lake City, which has THE most attractive U.S. housing market for owning and renting single family homes and apartments. Investing in Park City is perfect for several other reasons.

High Average Rents - The average rental amount is $883 and it’s increasing. With the job market continuing to grow, people are heading to the area to take advantage of it.

Recognized Rental Market - A national property management company ranked Salt Lake City #9 out of 75 cities for good returns on investment rentals. This ranking is based on factors such as vacancies, fluctuations in rent, cost-to-return ratios, and property appreciation.

Job Growth - Job growth is the biggest attraction for investment interest. There was a four percent increase in jobs from 2012 to 2013, and it’s projected to continue. Compared to the nation, Utah’s employment market has grown twice the rate.

Desirability of Rentals - With the great housing market crash in 2008, many younger adults are fearful of buying homes, which is what has led many to rent instead. The current home buying generation (ages 21 to 45) are much more mobile nowadays and financially burdened, making rentals more desirable.

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods - Salt Lake City along with Park City caters to residents with families with many attractions for all ages. This has led many families to choose the area. Families these days want to be able to create memories and Utah is the perfect place for that.

High School Ratings - Park City schools have a high rating of 8 out of 10 on This means the schools have achieved the test scores required by the state and is above average in national ranking. It’s just another reason many people have chosen the area to raise their children.

Investing in Park City, Utah

You now know why investing in Park City, Utah is a good idea. All you need to know is if it’s easy to do. With Jensen and Company Realtors it is because we have the experience needed to find you the best investment properties. We know what people moving to the area want in rentals, so we can help you find the perfect investments for you to give you a good return. Contact us today to learn more about investing in Park City. We would love to show what we have available and what we can build for you to take advantage of this prime time to invest.