Posted over 6 years ago

How To Create Real Family Wealth

Thanks to the housing crash in 2008, and the subsequent years of struggle for the market, people are understandably nervous about home ownership.

While anxiety is a normal part of making such a huge financial decision, failing to take the leap can be every more dangerous. We are living in a time where planning for the future is difficult, and for some may seem hopeless. Cost of living is increasing, while salaries are remaining stagnant.

Yet, the housing market has largely stabilized. We are seeing steady growth in real estate worth, and first time buyers (and even those who have bought before) are tentatively putting themselves out there again. Low interest rates and a high number of new residences in multiple cities make right now an appealing time to buy.

It isn’t only about having a home to call your own. Real estate is a powerful notch in your portfolio, and a way to build genuine wealth for your family. By the time retirement rolls around you could have the most important investment you have ever made under your belt.

This infographic shows the many benefits of owning your own home, as well as advice from experts on how to know if you are ready to take that step.

How To Create Real Family Wealth Infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Keeping Current Matters & Jensen and Company