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Tips To Writing A Personal Letter To A Home Seller

The Denver Real Estate market today is hot. . . for Sellers that is.

Buyers on the other hand are having to work harder then ever to try to get under contract to purchase a home. This competition has manifested into out of the box, creative, proposals from real estate agents and buyers who just want to stand out among the many offers presented on a giving listing. One of the oldest, tried and true best ways to stand out, is to put a face on your offer by writing a letter. Here are some tips that I have compiled and from letters I've seen in this current Denver real estate market so you can hit the heart strings of the seller most effectively, and get that house under contract.

  • First impression of the house - Let the seller know how blown away with the beauty of their home you were from the moment you walked in. Mention the "warm homey feel of the house", how you could "feel the love in the Home"
  • You absolutely love the Sellers design Decisions - No matter who you are, everyone likes compliments. Compliment the Seller on their design choices on things such as paint color, cabinet styles, tile choices, or other unique things about what they have decided to with the house. Frankly, most people don't have great style, but don't let that stop you from giving a glowing review.
  • Visualize - let the seller know how you see yourself using the space in the home. You can say things like "we love the back porch and we see ourselves Barbecuing all summer out there," or "we love how the nursery is right across from the master suite so it will be convenient to take care of our new born baby in the night.". You will be able to paint a picture of how you will use the house
  • Family Photo - Always include a photo that shows your loving family with happy smiles on their faces. This will add to the portrait you are trying to paint.
  • Be Yourself / Relate - Write in a true voice that speaks to the reality of who you and your family are. If the letter is too over the top cheesy, Sellers wont relate, and you will just blend back in to the other offers presented.
  • Brief Personal Bio - It is important to further paint the picture by letting the Seller know a little about who you are, your family members, your background, motivations, and dreams. Remember, Don't be too cheesy!!

Here is a sample that has many of the elements described above

Image title

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I came across this post from a Google search. This is well written and straight to the point. The Portland market has very strong buyer demand this spring. Buyer letters are so important! Thanks for posting.