Posted about 3 years ago

BEST DEAL DAY far (bring it 2017)

So guys!

I just had to write this to share with all of you. I have had a GREAT day. Normally we post on Bigger Pockets  with our questions when we are confused, scared, or feel lost and need a life preserver tossed our way (I know I have). People on here help each other through some tough times. Now, I want to share my day with you because, I'm on top of the world. But, I owe it to ALL of YOU who have helped me along the way.

First, I have an accepted contract for a 20 unit building for $15,750 a unit (1 bd/eff mix). NO, its not in the war zones either. It's my first jump to commercial MF and I'm pumped for my value add play!

Second, I had a offer accepted for a tiny 2 bd house (so cute) with a huge yard in my tiny town where rentals jump off the market before most go on! $50k (I will put about $3k in it to freshen up yard and kitchen a bit) and will rent for $800.

Third, I was thrown a house to flip for $65k that needs cosmetic rehab and ARV is $150k! Ironically, I was contacted by the show "First Time Flippers" three weeks ago and they asked if I would apply for the show, I told them I'm probably not qualified...but the people I'm mentoring are!! So, first my mentee gets to flip his first house (as my partner) on tv (with me as his coach)! I LOVE what I can bring to the people I am actively mentoring!

I have already nailed down one goal for this year (being a guest on a podcast -shameless plug- now I am so close to my commercial property and this will add 21 units to my portfolio and accomplish a flip!!! Happy February everyone, how can I help you start crushing your goals? What are you doing to help others crush theirs?!?!   GO TO WORK!