Posted about 2 years ago

The 10 Best Features Buyers Look For In A Home

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Whether you’re selling a fix and flip or your primary residence, it pays to know what buyers are looking for before you start that remodel. Are home seekers looking for an open concept, energy efficiency, a completely remodeled kitchen, or a nice outdoor living space? See the list below for 10 attractive features not to miss when renovating a property.

1. Open Concept

Homes with spacious, open floor plans are more attractive to today’s buyers. While that doesn’t have to mean a single kitchen/dining/living room, some blending of common areas can help a property’s selling power. High ceilings, eliminating or reducing barriers, and wide doorways add functionality and take away a lot of daily hassle.

2. Big, Modern Kitchens

A recent kitchen remodel is often the single biggest selling factor for a fix and flip home. Plenty of space, new or refaced cabinets, good lighting, countertops, attractive backsplashes, and up-to-date appliances can do a lot to catch a buyer’s eye.

3. Updated Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms with less grout surfaces and bigger tile are lower-maintenance and grow less mold and mildew. New fixtures are a plus, since bathrooms are expensive to remodel and many buyers don’t want to bother with them. Can’t afford a total bathroom remodel? Don’t fret. Save money by going with neutral, usable decor.

4. Energy Efficient

Aim for energy efficiency in HVAC systems, appliances, and windows to add more selling power to a home or fix and flip. Modern kitchen appliances can win the efficiency game over their aging counterparts.

5. Storage

Big, walk-in closets and garage storage space add real wow-factor to a fix and flip. Especially buyers with families will appreciate having enough room to comfortably fit all of their belongings and their children's belongings. 

6. Outdoor Living Space

A patio or deck expands the fair-weather living space of a home, turning a backyard into an inviting place to entertain friends, enjoy a meal, or just relax. Give serious consideration to spending a little on an outdoor living space to add resale value to your fix and flip.

7. Privacy

People like their privacy so building a wooden fence or planting shrubs around the yard or outdoor entertainment areas will attract more potential buyers. 

8. Neutral Decor

Appeal to the widest segment of the market by keeping the decor both neutral and accessible. Hardwood floors are a big seller. Neutral colors show off home furnishings and don’t wear out the aesthetic sense. Neutral decor appeals to any style or taste. Ultimately, that creates a higher chance your home or fix and flip will sell.

9. Laundry Room

It’s no fun to pile clean clothes in a guest bedroom or a nursery as they await the folding process. A dedicated laundry room not only isolates the washer/dryer from the living space. It also provides a comfortable space to spend time in while the no-fun work of cleaning clothes gets done.

10. Better Health

A home’s health attributes can be its biggest selling points. Does the town water or the private water well have excellent quality? If not, a whole-house filter and/or three-stage drinking water system is definitely worth a look. For forced air HVAC systems, adding a whole-house air purification system for a few hundred dollars can make a home a lot more salable. Healthy building materials are another point to keep in mind when doing a kitchen remodel or a whole-house renovation.