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How to Choose a Replacement Window

Wednesday, December 20

Replacing windows isn’t worth the investment, but sometimes age, damage, or drastic heat loss/gain can necessitate it. It’s not a remodel option that’s done too often, so homeowners and house flippers alike tend to be unfamiliar with the process of picking new windows. That doesn’t mean you have ...

5 Fix and Flip Changes That are Big Mistakes

Monday, November 27

When you’re rehabbing a property and getting it ready to flip, there’s a lot of positive changes you can make. Updating old fixtures, tearing out old carpet, and even doing some landscaping to increase curb appeal. But not every change is a positive one, and some will make it harder to sell your ...

DIY Home Improvement Projects for Beginners to Try Their Hand At

Friday, November 03

Building, repairing, and remodeling a home is a process that requires a wide range of skills and expertise to accomplish. Not every homeowner or real estate investor is going to have the background in construction to do things like plumb a bathroom, repair a load-bearing wall, or replace a roof. ...

5 Tricks for Cutting Costs on Paint Projects

Friday, October 20

Painting is not normally considered as the most expensive part of a remodel project. Especially when there are projects like replacing cabinets or drywalling basement that need to be done, it can be easy to dismiss paint as a minor expenditure. But if you’re working with a small budget, or painti...

5 Ways to Tell That Your Front Door Needs Replacing

Friday, October 06

Many people don’t realize it, but exterior doors (just like everything else in a house) will eventually wear out over time. Even the sturdiest of doors isn’t meant to last forever, and if you intend to maintain the value, the energy efficiency, and the safety of the home, you’ll have to replace i...

6 Rules for Hiring a Contractor for a Flip

Thursday, September 21

Finding and working with a contractor has traditionally been quite the crapshoot. It can be hard to find a trustworthy contractor that does good work, and even when you do, disagreements and disputes between owner and contractor bog down the work. To help you find and work with the right contract...