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IMO, 2021 is going to be HUGE...for those who are prepared!!

IMO, 2021 is going to be HUGE...for those who are prepared!!

We’re midway through Quarter 3 2020, and most states are close to fully opened back up now and more activity is starting to flow in the pipeline. It’s a very hot sellers market right now. MLS listings are selling within days above asking prices. But real estate numbers are peaking based on fictitious overinflated numbers. Don’t fall for the false energy going on in the market right now and let it cause you to overpay. Everything is being inflated right now due to all the stimulus and other money being pumped into the economy, plus the Q2 shutdowns backlogging the normal early summer peak real estate market.

I still believe the best investment deals are going to start very late Q4 2020 & more so into 2021, after the election and once foreclosure/eviction freezes & mortgage forbearance terms begin phasing out, and will likely continue into 2022/2023.

Millions of homeowners aren’t paying their mortgages right now, and it’s going to catch up on many of them. There will be a huge foreclosure fallout on the backside of all this and those with the most capital and leverage, will be able to take advantage.

At the same time, many landlords right now are fighting to try to collect rent from tenants who are being told not to pay due to eviction freezes. At some point, many of those landlords who are underfunded & overleveraged will burn through their reserves and will be forced to start selling some properties just to save their businesses, or may even get tired of it and sell entire portfolios.

It would be wise now to be freeing up capital, cleaning up any credit glitches, meeting with lenders & better positioning yourself by Q4 2020 & be prepared heading into 2021. I’ve actually sold several of my properties this year that were good cash-flowing properties to free up even more capital because I feel there will be even better deals on the backside of all this, just like there was in 2009-2011. Right now I’m only buying great number deals that I can wholetail or rehab/flips that I can flip in under 60 days while the retail market is still hot, or be able to BRRRR...refinancing 100% or more of my capital back out of after rehab & still cash flow well just in case the market starts cooling while rehabbing. I want to hit 2021 with lots of available capital to be able to leverage and take down even bigger better deals in 2021-22 at the anticipated deeply discounted prices that I feel are coming.


Do not fall for the current hot retail market prices and let it to convince you to overpay. Be prepared to capitalize on the backside fallout...Its coming and its going to be HUGE!! 

That’s my 2 cents, which isn’t worth a penny!

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