Posted over 12 years ago

Fair Housing Act

The Federal Fair Housing Act was known in 1968 as a form to prevent discrimination. It was amended in 1988. The Fair Housing Act protects possible home buyers or renters form discrimination. There are several groups that are part under the Fair Housing Act. Possible sellers or landlords may not reject to sell or lease to people based on their race, color, religion, nationality, gender, disabilities and familial status.

If a seller increases the price of a house or plainly refuses to sell the house to you because of the above factors, they are not conforming to the Fair Housing Act. The FHA has helped minorities and other marginalized areas of society gain access to better housing chances. Before this legislation was pursued, members of these groups could be stopped from buying property in the best places through threats or intimidation. The Fair Housing Act has made changes in this aspect of real estate. Nowadays, a seller simply cannot disagree to sell a house due to race, religion, family status, gender, nationality, color or disabilities. The law covers renting a house as well as apartments. The landlord is not allowed to discriminate against you because of your disability or just because you have kids. Besides not permitting someone to rent or sell the house to you, it is also unlawful for there to be any coercion or verbal harassment during the sale or rental procedure.

If you have experienced that a seller or property owner has rejected you because of your religion, family background, race and more, you have every right to file a complaint against them. Go to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and they will be able to guide through the steps for filing a complaint.

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