Posted 3 months ago

Five Ways to Get Started In Syndication Today

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Five ways that you can get into syndication today, so a lot of this can be just seemed like a big puzzle right and you just don't know where to get started and it can be over encompassing and just overpowering for you to say, okay I want to go in there and do my first syndication, find the property, find the investors, secure the debt, put together the team, closing the property, I get it, there are a lot of moving parts, well here are five different ways that you can get into a deal and not have to run the whole deal yourself and really just be a partner and a team member.

1. You can actually be this sponsor or the guarantee on the loan, meaning that you have a balance sheet that you're able to be the balance sheet and the sponsor for a syndicator, who's trying to put together the entire part of the project.

2. You can also be a person that helps connect and helps brings investors in and pull resources, to be an investor liaison for the property by helping to raise funds for the apartment building.

3. You can also be a passive investor, this is a great way for you to really have the curtain pull back behind, so you can actually see how the operations of the property, how the GP is hands on the property, you can ask the right question.

4. If you're in the market where the investments are being made, you could help on the asset management side, you go to the property every week or every other second week and you take pictures you take photos you get streamline of what's the actual operations of the property.

5. You can now go and actually just do the deal yourself, you can find the deal, source the deal, look for the deal, be the partner that goes out there and actually finds the deal and then now brings it to other people and allows you to have the opportunity to now be part of the general partnership, by providing that value of finding the deal and bring it to another team member who has the experience to get the deal across the finish line.

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