Posted 4 months ago

The #Multifamily30 Challenge

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So Pili and I are doing 75 hard, which if you don't know what that is, it was brought up by Andy Frisella, the MFCEO podcast and he basically came with this idea, that 75 days to equine, no drinking, workout two times a day, 45 minutes each, one workout being outside, drink a gallon of water, retention of an actual book on business self-development and take a progress pic. So Pili and I are currently on day 22 and it's been eye-opening, it's been mind-blowing, it's been a lot of things that really get down to really the core of what we're doing and why we're doing it basically is, we're committing and we're doing and the reason I'm bringing this up is because I have a challenge for you today, we really thought about this in terms of what impact it is having on us.

So we have three young kids and one of the big things is, how are we going to figure this out, doing two workouts today, of course around everything else, we're doing business of real estate, podcasting, but we're going to get to workouts in a day, two of them between Pili and I happen to be outside, how we're going to figure this out and the solution was, we're just going to figure that out, so the challenge and I have for you is that, over the next thirty days, I want you to come up with five things that you're going to do every day for multifamily, every day, now one day going to be messed in if you missed the day, you start over back at zero. So for instance, it could be and they have to be five actual things, it can't be something like, I'm going to raise a million dollars or I'm going to buy a property, those are things that take time to combat, these are five actionable stepping tasks that can basically conjure up the goal that you want to get to, so if you want to buy a property, maybe you need to have investor talks every day, so you can start building up your pool of investors, who might be able to have funds, maybe it's creating a social media post, maybe it's reading ten pages around a multi-family or real-estate book, so my challenge to you five things that you're going to do for 30 straight days, no excuses, no negotiations, you get up, you do them, if you have to do them at 4:00 in the morning or 11:30 at night you're going to get them done.

I'm telling you, if you want to do it and you want this to be part of your life, you want to have a better life, have legacy, have wealth, help others, helping other investors, help communities, get better than 30 days. Doing five tasks is a small thing for me to ask you to do, so what are those five things you're going to do to take your multi family business to the next level and put them out there, let us know what they are. You can find Yarusi Holdings on Instagram, on Facebook, on Instagram tag us, let’s call it #multifamily30, so #multifamily30 easy enough, that's going to be our tag, Pili and I are going to go after it, we're going to take it, we already have the items, were going to do, we're going to commit, we're going to do it and we're going to start this on top of 75 hard, so not only are we going to have tasks, we got to get done with this, but here's the difference, we want them to get done because wanting to and doing, lead two parallel things.