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On the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, co-hosts David Greene and Rob Abasolo interview real estate investors and entrepreneurs about successes, failures, and hard-earned lessons. Through in-depth conversations, 1-on-1 listener coaching calls, and news analysis, you’ll get a breakdown of real strategies that work for different niches and experience levels. Tune into the #1 real estate investing podcast every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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April 12, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 595: How to “Layer” Legal Protection So Lawsuits Won’t Touch Your Wealth w/Brian T. Bradley, Esq.

Most investors assume LLCs for rental properties are the way to go in terms of asset protection. From a novice’s point of view, LLCs seem to provide everything you would need?—anonymity, simple tax fi ... show more

April 10, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 594: Seeing Greene: FHA Loans, Cash Flow Shrinkage, & Bidding $200k Over Asking

Inflation and cash flow have been fighting against each other for decades. As soon as you increase the rent on an income property, inflation comes right in to eat some of that gain. So in today’s bord ... show more

April 7, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 593: The Ethical Wholesaler: Putting People Before Property Profits w/Jamil Damji

The words “ethical” and “wholesaling” are rarely used in the same sentence. For the most part, many real estate investors and agents look at wholesalers as deceptive, hard to read, and for the most pa ... show more

April 5, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 592: BiggerNews April: How to Counter the Biggest Risk of 2022's Real Estate Cycle w/Doug Lodmell

The way the housing market moves largely depends on the real estate cycle we’re currently in. We all saw this during the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis as overleveraged homeowners saw their properties ... show more

April 3, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 591: Seeing Greene: The Cash Flow Market “Mirage” That Traps New Investors

Cash flow markets are a hotspot for new real estate investors. Why? They’re inexpensive to get into, show great cash flow (on paper), and allow many investors to map their date of financial freedom. T ... show more

March 31, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 590: From Struggling Renter to Cash Flowing Landlord Using $0 Down Loans w/Andre Haynes

No money down real estate investing usually sounds too good to be true. It seems almost impractical that someone without much experience, money, or property can secure cash-flowing rentals without put ... show more

March 29, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 589: 10 Actionable Steps Anyone Can Follow to Buy a Rental Property

Want to know how to buy a rental property? If rising home prices, rent prices, and fierce market competition have you struggling to get something under contract, your real estate saviors, David Greene ... show more

March 27, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 588: Seeing Greene: Climate Change, ADU Dilemmas, & Retiring with Rentals

Want to retire with rentals? Want more cash flow? Want to put up a lower down payment? What about building an ADU on your land? All of these questions (and more) are coming up on this episode of Seein ... show more

March 24, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 587: Full-Time Flipping (Out-of-State!) at 24 by Doing What Most Don’t Know w/Dominique Gunderson

Forty real estate deals is a lot, especially for an experienced investor. How many people do you know that have done forty flips, wholesale deals, or own over forty rentals? Odds are, probably not man ... show more

March 22, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 586: The 8 Steps That Will Stop You From Getting Burnt on Multifamily Deals w/Andrew Cushman

Want to know how to analyze a multifamily property? Maybe you’ve analyzed duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, or even ten-unit apartment complexes before, but what about the big deals? We’re talking abou ... show more

March 20, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 585: Seeing Greene: Boosting Your Appraisal, Backward BRRRRs, & Capital Raising Risks

BRRRRs, property classes, raising capital questions and more are in this episode of Seeing Greene! As always, your investor mentor, top agent, and shiny-headed host of the BiggerPockets Podcast is bac ... show more

March 17, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 584: The 5 Steps That Will Bring You More Deals, Friends, and Mentors w/ Jonathan Greene

If you’re new to investing in real estate, you may not have run your first real estate analysis yet. But as soon as you start looking at properties, you’ll become a spreadsheet wizard in no time! With ... show more

March 15, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 583: Building Your “Passive Income Blueprint” Using the Right Real Estate Agent w/ Johnny Hoang

The signs of a bad real estate agent aren’t very clear if you’re a new investor. But, after trial and error and a lot of deals done, you’ll be able to weed out the basic agents from the rockstar realt ... show more

March 13, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 582: Seeing Greene: Investing in Paradise, Timing the Market, and House Hacking

Should I invest now or wait? How do I set up my children for financial success? What do top agents do to stand out in the market? These are all questions of real estate investors, agents, and onlooker ... show more

March 10, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 581: The Hidden Passive Income Source in Your Own Backyard w/That ADU Guy

What do you think of when we say ADU (accessory dwelling unit)? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably think of a back house, a mother-in-law suite, or a converted art studio. But what if you do ... show more

March 8, 2022

BiggerPockets Podcast 580: BiggerNews March: How a Surge of Foreclosures Will Impact the Housing Market w/’s Daren Blomquist

The word “foreclosure” is forever stained in the minds of almost every American who lived through the great recession. News stories in 2010 would talk about the slew of families that had been foreclos ... show more

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