BiggerPockets Pro Account Upgrade

Congratulations for taking the next steps in your real estate journey! We, at BiggerPockets, believe that a Pro membership can truly help you acheive incredible results in your life.

As a reminder, as a gift to you for attending the webinar, your upgrade to BiggerPockets Pro Annual includes the following bonus items:

  • The 2012 BiggerPockets Conference Audio (25+ hours of real estate education)
  • The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down (Digital Copy)
  • The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down (Audiobook)
  • Bonus eBook: How to Find Incredible Real Estate Deals
  • Bonus Interviews with Six Creative Real Estate Investors from BiggerPockets
  • A Two-Hour video training on "Investing with No (and Low) Money Down"

All these bonuses are in addition to the other incredible Pro benefits and superpowers you'll soon have access to. Upgrade now to take action and lock in all these bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can BiggerPockets help me build wealth?

Plain and simple: BiggerPockets Pro can help you accomplish your financial goals faster and with more accuracy. With unlimited use of the Property Analysis Calculators, you can run the numbers on any prospective deal to determine if it’ll make sense for you to pursue. You can also print PDF reports to give to your lender, partner, spouse, or whomever! Plus, the advanced networking abilities you’ll gain access to through your Pro membership will give you the power to connect to others who can help you achieve your financial goals. Plus, as a Pro member, you can watch unlimited replays of all recorded BiggerPockets Webinars in the Pro Replay Room. Imagine sitting down with Brandon for 20 hours and having him explain everything he knows… that’s what you get in the Pro Replay Room. For more on what you get as a Pro member, click here.

How do I get all the bonuses offered?

After upgrading, you’ll land on a special “thank you page” that has links to all the great bonuses content you’ll get for signing up!

What If I want a refund?

If you find that BiggerPockets Pro is not for you, we wish you the best of luck. Our Pro-Annual membership comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You can even keep all the bonuses just for trying it out.

As a Pro, where should I start?

Start by analyzing deals every day. The more deals you analyze, the more you’ll be able to offer on and the more you’ll buy! Also be sure to upload a video to your BiggerPockets Profile, add a logo to your forum signature, and  make sure your profile looks fantastic! Then, try searching for members on or check out a few of the Webinar Replays at