Why You Need These Landlord Forms (& How We Can Help!)

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Landlord Forms: Now Available!

Becoming a landlord is scary. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. Finding and purchasing the property is only the first half of it. And it’s not even the scary part! After you buy, you need to find tenants who will provide the least amount of turnover while taking care of your property and paying you rent.

There are a lot of hoops to jump through. You need to make sure that your landlord forms protect your interests and assets and ensure remedies in the event a tenant breaches the lease—all while remaining in compliance with the law.

This includes, but is not limited to, any discrimination, security deposit, and any other landlord/tenant laws. You need to make sure that you are protected and that your tenants are being treated fairly within the confines of the law.

You can not rely on the free state landlord forms. There is a reason they are free. The state does not care about you, your assets, or your interest. The state cares about “fair treatment” and compliance with the law. That’s it.

So then, how do you protect yourself?

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Have a Solid Set of Landlord Forms

Where do you find these forms? Having a lawyer look them over will cost a small fortune! What do you do?!

Turn to BiggerPockets, of course!

BiggerPockets is now offering a suite of the 7 most common state-specific landlord forms that have been reviewed by real estate lawyers in each respective state. You no longer need to pay $1,000+ for a lawyer to review these forms. BiggerPockets is offering them at a special launch price of just $99 ($199 normally). So get them at the discounted rate while you can!

Save yourself $900+ and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

What Do You Get?

With this $99 purchase, you get a suite of rock-solid, landlord-favorable real estate contracts that are specific to your state. In fact, many people at BiggerPockets use a variation of these forms for our own personal use. This includes the one and only Brandon Turner (with Scott Trench, Mindy Jensen, and I providing input as well)! So, if you’d like the closest possible thing to our leases, these are them!

Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Comprehensive Residential Lease
    • A 10+ page residential lease that has been reviewed by a real estate lawyer, specific to your state.
  • Rental Application
    • Tenant screening is one of the most important aspects of being a real estate investor. You want to know as much as possible about your rental while staying within the confines of the fair housing act. These forms will help.
  • Pet Addendum
    • Don’t let a pesky cat, dog, fish, or dinosaur ruin your investment. Cover yourself here and make sure that you are covered and get fairly compensated for your tenant’s pet.
  • Lease Extension
    • Do you have great tenants? Do you hope they never leave? Extend their lease with this lease-extension form—without going through the process of signing an entire new lease.
  • Lease Guaranty
    • Do you have a tenant you are not sure about? Use this form to make a credible third party responsible for the lease being paid on time. This is most common for college students who may not have jobs. Their parents can be the third party who guarantees your rent is paid on time.
  • Move-in/Move-out Form
    • Make sure that the state of your property is documented and recorded properly when your tenants move in and out. That way, you understand what can legally be taken out of their security deposit and what cannot.
  • Lease Amendment
    • Life changes, and so do leases. If you realize that there is a portion of the lease that you and the tenant don’t agree with, amend it through the lease amendment form.

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Why You Need Them

We really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a set of solid landlord forms in your toolbox. Especially as a first-time landlord or someone getting ready to do their first deal. Having forms with lots of holes in it will create headaches and financial trouble for you in the future.

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Purchase the suite of landlord forms here.

Amazing Savings!

You hear this all the time on the podcast. “Have a lawyer review your documents.” If you take the generic state-approved form and have a lawyer look it over, it can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. We already did the bulk of that leg work and ate most of that cost for you.

We are offering these seven forms for just $99. This $99 is just the launch price. The price will go up to $199 very soon—so get them at the discounted rate while you can!

What are your experiences with state-specific legal forms?

Share them in the comments below!

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After developing a huge love for real estate investing and personal finance, Craig decided to join the BiggerPockets team as a financial analyst. Over the past few years, he has looked at hundreds of financial models of startup companies. His experience will help BiggerPockets reach the next level as a startup company. Craig has a passion for helping others get out of their "comfort zones" to get what they want and achieve the "impossible." In his spare time, Craig enjoys traveling, hiking, exercising, and sports of all kinds.


    • Craig Curelop

      Hey Chris! Great Question!

      The forms that Brandon came out with in Managing Rental Properties are a bit outdated at this point. The book came out in 2015.

      Also – these forms are state-specific whereas those were a set that Brandon used while most of his properties were in Washington.

  1. Cindy Larsen

    What format are the forms in? Can I edit them with the msword-like documents app called pages that comes free with my ipad?

    Has any BP member compared these with the state specific lawyer reviewed lease packages that Biran Davis has available here? https://sparkrental.com/lease-agreement-packages-state-specific/
    I was about to buy Brian’s $14.95 package because it is editable, and in MS work format,
    which my ipad can edit.

    Has anyone tried both and has a recommendation as to which is better?

  2. With all due respect…
    “…In fact, many people at BiggerPockets use a variation of these forms for our own personal use. This includes the one and only Brandon Turner (with Scott Trench, Mindy Jensen, and I providing input as well)! So, if you’d like the closest possible thing to our leases,..”
    You guys are the experts we look to for competent advice. Thank you for that! However, why would you market a product you do not use based on the above quote? Would it be possible for you to collaborate and publish a product billed as “… Just like “WE” use…”
    WE investors definitely want the best tools as used by those we look up to.
    If I’ve misunderstood something I apologize in advance.

      • Robert Newman

        I think SIDH’s issue may be with the word “variation,” which I take to mean you use the different variations for your respective states. If I understand their comment correctly, they think you take the document and change it to suit your needs, and SIDH wants that document because if it works for you, it’ll work for all of us.

        • Thank you for your reply. Yes the response highlighting the use of a “variation” is my point. Don’t mean to start a big issue but just had a question. Thanks for all your contributions to us all.

        • Craig Curelop


          No worries! I was just unsure where you were confused. Robert answered your question very nicely. The word “variation” just means that it is for different use in the different states we operate in. There also may have been a few small adjustments made to make sure it adheres to exactly what we try to do, but most of it is the same. I hope this makes sense!

    • Craig Curelop

      Damien, I am sorry you feel this way. We wanted to get the ball rolling and slowly let our members know through various mediums. The states we have currently, we feel are some of the most popular, and we are going to continue pushing these out quite rapidly.

  3. Dan Grieve

    I see that the Missouri forms have just been released. I was wondering, is the Comprehensive Residential Lease form, and other forms, ideal for an apartment, duplex or single family home? Or useful for all situations?

    Right now I have a 12 unit small apartment complex and am looking at a collection of 12 duplexes in the same area. Could I use the same lease agreement for both situations? For example, the apartment doesn’t have to worry about a lawn, but the duplex does. There would be wording for apartments that wouldn’t relate to a duplex and vise versa. So are the forms loaded with all potential situations and I have them sign an agreement that has unrelated material in it? Or is that the editing, where I can take out the things that aren’t necessary?

    Thank you.

    • Craig Curelop

      Hey Dan,

      These are applicable to all residential properties. When you have 12+ units that is technically considered a commercial property.

      I would suggest having your lawyer look over these forms for your situation and tailor them to your needs.

      These forms will still protect you more than the regular state forms and will likely lower your legal bill for landlord forms for your property.

  4. Bob J.

    Craig – have the Nebraska forms been released? It seems that all the forms have been released judging by the “Unlimited access to all 51 state landlord forms” advertised under the Pro membership option, but the clickable map seems to have a few hiccups at the moment, and as a result, a number of states are un-clickable (and I am reasonably sure that most of these states have been previously available).

    I can play with the URL of an available state and get to the purchase page for Nebraska, but that might be automatically generated, so I wanted to check to be safe before spending any money.

    • Craig Curelop

      Hey Bob – As of this morning all 51 forms have been released! What state did you click on that brings you to Nebraska? There could definitely be a glitch in our system. Thanks for reporting on it and we will get it fixed as soon as we know a little bit more.

      • Bob J.

        Sorry – I wasn’t precise. I can click on a state such as Texas and then, after reaching the page for Texas, edit the URL by deleting “texas” and replacing it with “nebraska” – this will take me to the purchase page for Nebraska.

        After playing around with it a bit more, it turns out there is a tiny spot in the lower left hand portion of the map of Nebraska that is actually clickable (but it is very small indeed, and this is true both in Google Chrome as well as Safari). Other states have similar problems – for example, one cannot actually click on South Dakota currently.

        I’m guessing it has something to do with the large “Don’t spend $1000 on a lawyer . . . ” graphic that overlays the map. At any rate, thanks for getting back to me, and I thought you might want to know about the issues with the map as it could prevent some sales for you guys.

        • Craig Curelop

          Thanks, Bob! I believe that problem should be fixed now. Please try to refresh the page and try again.

          You caught us at the exact moment we were updating it!

          Thank you for reaching out though…. definitely appreciated!

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