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This post may sound like heresy to the died-in-the-wool debit card user. However, if you put the same overview on debit cards you do to other investments, you may agree with me. After all, it is YOUR money at risk.

I fully realize debit cards have overtaken credit cards as the plastic du-jour for Americans. The ratio is something like 2 to 1 meaning for every credit card used, two debit cards are used. Don’t hold me to this as a concrete figure as the numbers are a little over a year old. But, they are very close to accurate.

I also fully realize how easy it is to use a debit card. I watch my wife at the grocery store check out counter. Fast, easy and convenient to say the least. I don’t own one so all I get to do is watch. Oh, she also uses her card at two restaurants when we go out to dine. (More on why this is a bad idea later.)