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Be intentional about who you grow with.

It's time to take your Intention to a whole new level.

With the release of our second edition journal, BiggerPockets is excited to reopen the Intentional Mastermind Groups!

We believe that the old adage still rings true: You are the average of the people you spend your time with. Mastermind groups are designed to help you connect with other like-minded investors who are looking for connection, feedback, accountability, and growth.

After joining an Intentional Mastermind Group, you'll be automatically placed into a group with 3-5 other BiggerPockets members. Once we make the connection via the BiggerPockets Private Message System, the path, process, and procedures are in your hands.

You'll be able to decide:

  • How often do you want to meet?
  • How do you want to meet? (Phone, text, video chat, in-person?)
  • What format do you want the meetings to take?
  • Who will lead each meeting?

Of course, we'll offer detailed suggestions and options for maximizing the effectiveness of your mastermind group, but this is YOUR group, so you can make it the way you want it to be. BiggerPockets will make the connection, but it's in your hands to make it work!

I look forward to hearing your success stories for many years to come.

Your friend,

The Intention Journal

Get the most from your new journal with this quick introduction video from Brandon Turner, the creator of the journal. Then, sign up for your Intentional Mastermind Group above!

This is an automated service that helps you make connections with other BiggerPockets members. BiggerPockets does not endorse, recommend, or facilitate any group. It will be up to you to coordinate meetings, bring in others to your group, remove members, or shut down your group. This is 100% member-led.

While there is no guarantee that your group will be a perfect match, groups are automatically assigned based on the number of deals you have completed and on location. If either is atypical (e.g. a very large number of deals or an uncommon location), your group assignment may take slightly longer to process.

If you would like to leave your group, use the dropdown arrow at the top right of your message page and click “Leave Group.” From there, you can choose to be assigned to a new group or to leave the Mastermind Groups altogether.

If you encounter any problems, please contact [email protected].