Teri Platta

09 January 2017

My husband and I worked with Marcus on our very first investment deal and we really could not have done it without his expertise, he is truly an investors agent! Marcus is an investor himself, practicing the BRRR strategy. So he is not only knowledgeable about the market, and the numbers, but since he acts as his own general contractor, he has a wealth of information about the construction and maintenance of homes and their systems. Marcus took time to share his experiences in renting properties, guiding us through the entire process from fine-tuning our business plan, identifying our target market, finding a house, explaining potential concerns or improvements for each property, to identifying the proper document and methods to get the property filled. We truly believe that Marcus’ collective knowledge, insight and guidance has put us in a position to be successful, and we can’t wait to work with him again on our next property!

Brian Head

28 January 2017

Marcus is a guy you want on your team. Simply stated, he is the rare mix of first hand learned knowledge through his own experiences as an investor, but with the willingness and patience to mentor and teach. Marcus is dependable, detail-oriented, extremely personable, and his passion around Real Estate and helping others cannot be questioned. I have no doubt, both experienced and those just starting out will find Marcus to be the positive and impactful go-to person you've been looking for.

Jerry Puckett

29 December 2015

Jerry comes with the best recommendations from the BP comunity and I have been working with him for about a half year now. While I have some marketing experience I just could not find the time to start a mailing programm, so I was looking to farm it out and ended up hiring Jerry. Mailers went out like clockwork, phone started ringing and every time we had questions (and we had a lot) we got good answers. Bottom line: full 5 star rating.

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