Adrien S.'s References

I have been able to work closely with Adrien on 3 separate deals. He takes the time to evaluate and walk the properties he pursues. The numbers are truthful and accurate he has the investment mindset down. We ourselves have purchased a home from him as well and are excited to complete this project. I would recommend anyone to work with him!

Relationship: Client of Adrien . Written 25 Mar 07:55

I have worked with Adrien on 3 deals in Northwest Indiana. Great communication, great efficiency, it has definitely been a pleasure working with him. As a wholesaler myself, I know that there are many in this business who only have their best interests at heart and will do anything to gain a buck. Adrien is the exception.

Relationship: I have bought properties from him. Written 31 Mar 12:07

Adrien and I invest in the same market and I have known him for over a year. Wholesalers get bad name in real estate industry because of how loose their ethics are. For me, that stands out about Adrien. He is very knowledgeable about the area and is one of the very few wholesalers I know that has actually brought me undervalued deals which were truly off market. He doesn't just get a house under contract from MLS and then try to make a few bucks off of it, he actually does his own marketing, sends out mailers, etc. and really gets true off market deals.

I am always looking to purchase more properties from Adrien.

Relationship: Bought a property from Adrien. Written 08 Aug 08:03

Adrien and I have worked together on quite a few deals. I have bought properties from him as well as done a Joint Venture with him. He is more knowledgeable on market prices/trends than most people with 10 times the experience.

Relationship: I am his client and JV partner. Written 22 Jul 12:51